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What is a Meme?  


A meme refers to a behavior, style or idea which spreads from one person to another within a culture. Meme serves as a unit for carrying cultural practices, symbols, or ideas which can be transmitted from one mind to another through gestures, speech, rituals, writing or other imitable phenomena with a mimicked subject. Concept supporters regard memes as cultural analogs to genes in which they mutate, self-replicate, and respond to selective pressures.


An internet meme can be in the form of a video, picture, hashtag, website, or hyperlink. It can just a single phrase or word, including an intended misspelling. Such small gestures tend to spread from a person to another through blogs, email, social networks, or other new resources. They can be related to present internet cultures, commonly spread or created on several websites and other communication facilities on the web.


Origination of the Word Meme


The word meme was first heard and read on Richard Dawkins’ book entitled The Selfish Gene in 1976 as he tries to elaborate the way cultural data spreads. Internet memes are a division of this general concept of meme specific to the environment and culture of the internet. In 2013, Internet meme was characterized by Dawkins as a meme deliberately changed by human artistry, determined from biological genes and the pre-internet idea of Dawkins about meme which engaged mutation through unsystematic alteration and spreading through definite replication as in Darwinian selection.  


Can You Get Not Only the Best Memes but Also the Funniest Memes in This Site?


 It’s definitely a yes! This site comes with the most popular memes in town!                                                                                 Would you like to laugh out loud at the funniest memes?                                                                                                             Aside from the memes you shared to your by your sites on social media sites, would you like to see more of them all at once?        This site is simply what you need. It is meant for you.


We have here the biggest collection of Internet memes. Take note they are not only simple memes, they are the best memes in town. From people to animals to cartoon characters, we have their memes for you! Could you imagine a dog looking at his horned shadow with a caption, “Holy Shit! I am Batman!” How about a cute cat wearing smitten and asking for a pie? They aren’t only cute. They are indeed funny. They look so innocent, making their memes even funnier and worth a long joyous laughter.


We have meme pictures and videos in store in the site for you. Surely, you are fond of putting memes as your comments to your friends’ Facebook status?  Or you like to share some to your friends so that they’ll also laugh at it as much as you did when you first saw them?  Get the liberty to laugh nonstop here at Meme Dat.


Our ultimate aim is to just make you happy. To any heavy baggage you’re carrying at the moment, it doesn’t hurt to forget it for a moment and enjoy watching our meme pictures and videos! 

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